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How to tie a bowtie

Published: 18-Jun-2018

The bow tie is a descendant of the knotted cravat. It was born from the need for neckwear that was easier to wear than the cravat and that would last throughout a more active day. 

By the end of the 19th century, the butterfly and batwing bow tie were commonplace. Black bow ties were worn with dinner jackets and white bow ties with evening tails. Today bow ties are mainly worn on formal occasions, however, in the past decade bow ties for everyday wear have seen a rise in popularity. A bow tie is perfect for any man who likes to stand out among his peers.

  1. Start with the left end 1 ½" (4 cm) longer than the right end. Slip the short end under the long end.
    Hint: The extra length (such as 1 ½") depends on the width of the narrow part of the tie, the thickness of the cloth, and whether you want a symmetrical tie. Some people prefer lopsided or tilted ties.
  2. Choose how long you want the tie to be. The button is a reference point. Finish crossing the long end over the short end.
  3. Slip the long end under the short end, while holding the tie at the button to keep it loose.
  4. Zig-zag the end on your chest. One fold is in the wide part of the tie.
  5. Fold the long flap over the front of the tie.
  6. Pinch the front of the tie in half. This will let you find a side-to-side hole through the tie, which is hidden behind the front of the tie. Pinch the right side of the wide part of the tie, while swinging the long flap to the right.
  7. Push the pinched corner through the hidden hole. Flatten the right half of the front.
  8. Slip a finger into the left bow. Even up the 3 layers of the right half, while pulling the left bow through the hole.
  9. Grip all 3 layers on the right, and pull the left bow through the hole. Flatten the left half of the front.
  10. Straighten the tie. Done! To untie, pull the single ends.
    Hint: Some people prefer lopsided or tilted ties.

Tuck the shirt points between the tie's thin strip and the bow tie. 

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