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How many blazers should a man own?

Published: 26-Oct-2018

There’s no exact number of blazers your should have, but you’ve got to be ready with a few essential blazers extending over both structured and unstructured styles.

The structured jacked is a more formal and heavier jacket. It is typically made out of wool and is styled similarly to a suit jacket. Unstructured, by contrast, lacks those angles and padding around the shoulders and often has a bit more space. Cotton is more common for unstructured jackets, as it creates a lighter feel. So, considering these factors, you should have the following five types of blazers in your cupboard:

The navy blazer

Black seems like you’re going to a funeral. Brown is either too trendy or too ‘70s, depending on the year. And, grey? Too light or too dark, with implications of tonal dressing whenever you wear it with a black or white shirt. A navy blazer is the best compromise. Navy behaves much like black: pair it with everything and it’s a fit, and it’s neither too trendy nor too dated. With a more structured jacket, dress up for the office with a white shirt, lightly patterned tie, and khakis. Single-button, unstructured versions, can be worn with a pair of jeans and a printed button-up shirt. If you’re the type to wear roll-necks, sweaters, or even a fitted tee with your blazer, navy suits every occasion. Be carefulwhen it comes to texture – anything beyond the woven look of tweed or linen becomes too distracting.

Light and structured blazer

Navy, unfortunately, conveys seriousness, even if you’re the friendliest, most-outgoing man in the room. So, when an occasion is formal but not stuffy, professional but not snobbery, you’ve got to dress for it. That’s where a lighter-coloured, yet still structured blazer fits into your wardrobe. In this case, anything ranging from grey to tan or cream to even a faded navy matches your darker-coloured trousers, without coming off as overtly James Bond! Yet, since it’s just slightly lower on the tiers of formality, you can have a bit more fun here. Consider textures like grey herringbone or even a tuxedo-style jacket.

An unstructured blazer

Summer’s not the time for thicker materials when you’re doing smart-casual. Unstructured blazers suit warmer weather with their cotton, occasionally linen-blend material, relaxed design with less padding and fewer buttons. Occasionally called a sports jacket, the unstructured blazer still needs to be versatile, especially if you’ll be wearing it to the office or a networking event. To ensure this, don’t get too crazy with the colours, as trendy colours tend to fade out. Instead, stay with the greys, blues and browns; but, be adventurous with the material. Worsted wool and tweed come off as refined, corduroy evokes the ‘70s and velvet seems smooth and sophisticated but mysterious. Within these parameters, the blazer becomes a subtle statement piece.

The plaid blazer

We’re not talking about a high-contrast, Burberry-like print. Rather, with all the pattern possibilities out there, checks are starting to look like the new texture: A subtle variation on a solid shade. By pairing a plaid blazer with a solid-colour flat-front trousers, you come off as the most adventurous man in the room. While this piece, too, falls partially within statement territory, a few rules still exist. Go with a light and subtle small- to medium-sized check. Anything patterned shouldn’t have too wide or too unstructured of a cut; otherwise, your jacket takes on the appearance of pajamas. Instead, go slimmer or add a few angles for definition.

The fashion jacket

It’s the era of the revived party suit, but not everyone’s confident enough to do a head-to-toe pattern. So, this is where what’s being called the 'fashion jacket' comes in. This jacket is for those occasions when a patterned bomber just won’t do: Think Christmas and graduation parties, club nights with a strict dress code, New Year’s Eve, cocktail parties, and wedding receptions – essentially, any occasion involving some degree of celebration. But, you’ve got to approach it carefully: Avoid clashes with the rest of your outfit, and keep it slim and structured. From here, it’s completely your vision and direction.


Reference: Menswear Style - How Many Blazers Should a Main Own?

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